Thursday, June 26, 3000

Hey there! This is First Post for Waffles and Boots. Astute observers will notice the date is the year 3000- this is so this post is always at the top!
This blog isn't about boots, nor is it about waffles.
This blog is a story. About things left behind.
Not even about things I've left behind. I don't blog to talk about my personal life (although that may come up from time to time). This will be a blog of few words, and many pictures.
I blog to show you, the reader, my adventures- exploring the character in derelict structures that humanity has forgotten, the broad grandeur of the natural world, and- I hope - inspiring others to learn more about things abandoned by the blind march of the modern world. All this is free to you (I get to do the hard work, what with carrying cameras up mountains and whatnot!) But please, if you like what you see here I appreciate anything I can get to support my adventures. Even a few dollars helps! These expeditions get expensive! >>clicky clicky!>>

My name is Hunter, I'm a native of Colorado, USA. I love to explore- the natural world, and more so, the forgotten remnants of the man-made world that are slowly being embraced by nature. From dust to dust, or something like that. My goal is to visit as many forgotten places as possible, from the ghost towns that dot the western United States, to war ruins in the Pacific, to the Lost Cities of the Soviet Union. I start now. My plan does not include visiting "old" buildings that are still in use, nor well-known places such as Mesa Verde or the Pyramids of Egypt or any number of Tourist attractions.
This is about things left behind.
This is about uncovering the places that the World forgot.

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Rick said...

You take very good pictures. I enjoy your perspective. Just be careful inside any of the old structures.